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Attention: Discounted prices end with opening phase, end of this weekend!

Dear customers!

As all my original 5 addons are now working and online, after a week without complaints, the shop opening phase is about to end.
And that of course means, that the discounted prices will end*!

So, if you did not grab your favourite addon(s) yet, it is time to do so!


*With end of weekend, but not before 24 hours passed, after this post

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Finally all online

So finally it is done 😊
You can now grab the free nuCore lite but there is bad news too:
Everyone needs to re-verify at: that he/she is a certified owner of uMMORPG3d (sorry, 2d users 🙁)
The coupon code for verified eMails then is: nucodelite_free

And of course also the Mobile Controls (reduced opening price of only 10$*):

Mobile Controls

The coupon code for previous purchases is:

*But now as the store is up and running, and all my previous addons are updated, means that soon the opening discounts will end and regular prices will kick in soon! Keep that in mind and cu soon …

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Some informations

•) Most of my Addons should work with a wider range of uMMORPG version, but if you combine them, you need to use versions that fit to each other, like:
SeasonalSun & SeasonalPlants, SeasonalSun & SimpleWeather, SimpleWeather & nuTools (lite) or SpeechBubbles and nuTools (lite)

So either use the old ones only – or the new ones only, but i.e. a combination of nuCode SeasonalSun and older SimpleWeather won’t work together.

•) Also I only test with the latest version of uMMORPG – so even if they work with older versions too, in the shop you just see only the versions the addon is successfully tested with and will say something like this: “v1.121 recommended” in that case.
If it needs a certain version of uMMORPG, it will say: “v1.121 required”

•) I am sorry, if you cannot find your favourite addon(s) in my new shop, but I can only update and support the addons, I made myself, not the ones of other authors. 😕

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(Re-)released SimpleWeather and SeasonalPlants!

Hi there!

Today I (re-)released SimpleWeather and SeasonalPlants, in the time of shop opening everything is available at a reduced price, so take your chance!

Of course customers, who bought in other shops can get claim this for free*, with this codes:
simpleweather_restore, seasonalplants_restore

*no guaranty, that all previous eMails where kept all the time
For SimpleWeather you will need the nuTools lite btw. …

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Starting 1 by 1

Hi friends!

I will now start to upload my Adens one by one and change it’s status to available, so you can purchase.

All previous owners of seasonal sun should be able to download for free with this Coupon Code:

Also it is reduced to 10$ instead of the regular 15$ for a very short time (shop starting) …

Seasonal Sun brings not only day and night cycles to your game, but also years, seasons, time of day, etc. and sun moves realistic all yea, now only 10$!

So grab yours here:

Seasonal Sun

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Shop opening delayed a bit

Because of further updates for uMMORPG in the meantime, I could not start the shop on June 1st – have to check all the AddOns to work with actual version v1.121 and will release them one by one.

Sorry, that I cannot tell you an exact timeframe, but I guess it won’t take very long to test and eventually update the AddOns (at least nuCore always needs to be updated)