Seasonal Sun

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uMMORPG Sun Controller Add-On that simulates the ingame sun movement over the sky like seen from earth (or other planet) in a realistic way and provides ingame time system too!

Just enter virtual day lenghts in seconds, year length in days, latitude and everything works fully automated for you!

Days get longer in summer, nights longer in winter (only if you set it to northern hemisphere of course, south of equator it will be the other way around), sun will always have the correct angles for all time of the day and year, you will always get the correct shadows, so even a sun clock will work like in real life!

You can even set another axis shift then earth’s one, for your fantasy world. Beside that you can set a gradient for light color over day, min./max. light intensity and min./max. shadow strength. Whatever you want, it is up to your imagination. Year and time of year will get saved in Database with regular save interval and reloaded at next server start.

Attention: Upcoming v1.112 witch will only support doubles, will come soon – so if you want to use SeasonalSun with uMMORPG v1.139 or earlier, keep yourself a copy of SeasonalSun v1.10 or v1.11

v1.11 A quick Hotfix to make it compatible witch latest uMMORPG versions and keep compatibility with older ones
v1.10 Switched from uNET to Mirror
v1.09 added a clock that matches the colors of the new dark mode
v1.07 includes a simple clock that shows: “Year – Day – Season – Time of day”!

Additional information

nuCore lite required?


Addon Version


uMMORPG Version

v1.135 – v1.148 recommended (for v1.121, v1.122, v1.125, v1.128 replace "using Mirror;" with "using UnityEngine.Networking;"

2 reviews for Seasonal Sun

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    lovelessusagi (verified owner)

    I needed to save myself a couple of days work and saw this AddOn that fit my needs perfectly. A seasonal system along with a Sun that is controlled by it? Holy hell.

    This is my first time purchasing from stuepfnick and using any of the nu-code assets and it has convinced me to be a repeat customer. The service level from him was incredible. I can only imagine he was on his way to his day job when I reached out to him, even still, he took the time and energy to respond to me and assist me with any questions I had.

    The AddOn is not drag and drop but it’s damn close, only requiring a very minimal effort to have everything working as you need. The code is incredibly documented and extremely easy to pull apart and modify.


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    9jtsmith (verified owner)

    I’ve worked a lot of hours on integrating my day / night cycle from a prior non-uMMORPG game. This asset does some really nice things and will integrate perfectly into my system. Thank you for the work put into this asset, it works very well!

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