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Some informations

•) Most of my Addons should work with a wider range of uMMORPG version, but if you combine them, you need to use versions that fit to each other, like:
SeasonalSun & SeasonalPlants, SeasonalSun & SimpleWeather, SimpleWeather & nuTools (lite) or SpeechBubbles and nuTools (lite)

So either use the old ones only – or the new ones only, but i.e. a combination of nuCode SeasonalSun and older SimpleWeather won’t work together.

•) Also I only test with the latest version of uMMORPG – so even if they work with older versions too, in the shop you just see only the versions the addon is successfully tested with and will say something like this: “v1.121 recommended” in that case.
If it needs a certain version of uMMORPG, it will say: “v1.121 required”

•) I am sorry, if you cannot find your favourite addon(s) in my new shop, but I can only update and support the addons, I made myself, not the ones of other authors. 😕

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