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uMMORPG Mobile Controls offers a range of options for controlling the game on mobile platforms, like drag to look with camera, a Virtual Joystick (you can still tap to move/select), a TargetButton, auto hide/show on desktop/mobile, bigger Skillbuttons and buttons to show/hide Shortcuts in-game.

Attention: MobileControls requires nuCore lite v1.00

v1.06 Changed all instances of “Utils.ClientLocalPlayer ()” with “Player.localPlayer” to be compatible with v1.148 – for earlier version you have to revert it back
v1.05: Switched to Mirror from uNET and small improvements
v1.04: Updated for uMMORPG v1.125 (still compatible with v1.121 and v1.122)
v1.03: Updated for uMMORPG v1.121 and v1.122
v1.02: Fix: Will now start without error, if you do not set ShortcutButtons (show/close) + separated script for TargetButton

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Additional information

nuCore lite required?


Addon Version


uMMORPG Version

v1.137, v1.145 or v1.148


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